Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Search

So it's been two weeks since I put this crazy idea into blog form.  And guess what?  Not one offer for the million.  Shocking, I know!  Not that I expected a donor/sponsor to show up out of thin air and drop a load of cash.  In reality, I didn't know what to think then and I don't really know what to expect going forward.

As some of our friends and family have started to hear about the blog, asking who is actually going to read this, much less pony up the money, our response is always the same.  It is definitely a crazy idea, but is it one that is actually crazy enough to work?  After all, The Situation is projected to make $5,000,000 this year for tanning, drinking and fighting at a beach house on the Jersey Shore! (pitching that concept would seem even more ludicrous than this!)

Which leads me to the million dollar question (literally). How to find the money to make this experience happen?  Who will step up?  Anyone?  Bueller?  Will it be a billionaire tycoon?  A corporation seeing this as a unique advertising tool?  An institutional entity performing social research? I have no idea. 

Just as important maybe how to find them.  Will it come from a friend who knows a friend? An anonymous reader?  A local or national news story?   A social network?  What or who will be the link?

I think I will take some time over the next week to explore some funding sources.  I will be posting why I think each of the above mentioned sources should participate.  And as I work through those, new links may become apparent. 

As I work through this, I wonder if the story within the story is the quest to find the sponsor?  If you happen to know someone with an extra million sitting around, or know someone who knows someone who might know someone who thinks this is just crazy enough to work, send them my way.

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